The objects for which North Media A/S is established are to possess ownership shares of undertakings engaged in distribution and media activities, including the production and sale of digital products and services, investment in securities as well as other related or derived activities.

Business Concept

To provide consumers with offers and information.

This is achieved:

    • through the publication of ad-funded and household-distributed newspapers and through the distribution of printed matter, newspapers and samples to consumers.
    • through the offering of Internet services and advertisements targeted at users of the Internet.

Objective and strategy

Profitability being our primary objective, the Group aims to be one of the leading players within its primary areas of activity. In order to realise this objective, the Group’s overall strategy is to be quality-oriented and expansive in the development of the organisation and our products.

North Media A/S operates in the financial front line, producing and selling against tough competition, where quality and personal effort make a difference.

For all our business areas, the driver of profitability is volume. It is therefore decisive that we achieve a significant share of the markets in which we operate.


The Company’s activities are concentrated in four operating segments:

– FK Distribution

– North Media Aviser

– North Media Online