"As a Business Intelligence Analyst, I experience a high degree of responsibility and ownership in my work tasks. The combination of responsibility, variety in my tasks and daily sparring with my colleagues contributes to my personal and professional development. We are committed to developing together so that we can deliver the very best results."

Michael Bøgebjerg, Business Intelligence Analyst, BoligPortal

"I really like the professional challenges and the team spirit. We all have a big impact on achieving the profitability targets and I am very happy to have the opportunity to contribute to Bekey's solutions that help new and existing customers to have an easier everyday life. At Bekey , there's room to be yourself and room for you to grow, which I really appreciate."

Halla Hassan, Account Manager, Bekey

"In our team we have a good collaboration, where we are really good at helping and sparring with each other. I feel a lot of trust and support from my manager, that I can develop both professionally and personally, and that I get more tasks and more responsibility, because Ofir believes in its employees - and that's great!"

David Vidojevic, Key Account Manager, Ofir

"At North Media , there are great opportunities for development and individuals have a lot of control over their own careers - "He who can, will and does - is also allowed". I love that. We have several employees who have been here for many years and who now have completely different responsibilities than they did originally. I myself started as an accounting apprentice 30 years ago, and am now HR manager. We have an informal environment with many wonderful colleagues who make it fun to go to work every day."

Pia Stjernlund, HR Manager, North Media

"I started as an apprentice in FK Distribution and today I am a permanent distribution coordinator. My job as a distribution coordinator ensures that I have many balls in the air at the same time, and that every day is different. It's a pleasure to be part of a team where we can compete internally, but also celebrate each other's victories and where we lift as a team."

Nikolaj Strand, Distribution Coordinator, FK Distribution Tilst