IR Policy

Policy on investor relations, communication and primary stakeholders in North Media A/S

The main purpose of the investor relations and communications policy is to ensure consistent and stringent communication with all of the Group’s internal and external stakeholders being rooted in the Group’s business concept, which is to “provide
consumers with offers and information”. The policy is also to ensure that the Group communicates through the proper channels, and that it has the right tools to communicate professionally with anyone seeking dialogue and contact with the Group.

Investor relations policy

Based on the stock exchange rules governing companies listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen, the Group wishes to be transparent about its activities and transactions. The Group has business processes in place ensuring that all material information is published immediately in detail by way of company announcements, which are available in Danish and English from the Group’s homepage The Group prepares annual reports and interim reports.

Through the investor relations policy the Group aims to disseminate knowledge about its activities and generate considerable interest in the group shares, to ensure that all players in the market are treated equally, and in particular to ensure that value added to the Group is reflected in current pricing.

Communications policy

In communicating, the Group wishes to provide a reliable picture of its performance and activities – internally and externally – and to ensure acceptance and understanding of its transactions. Transparency and an open dialogue based on trust about the Group’s affairs and conditions are the main elements of communication by the Group, which is only limited by legislation, stock exchange rules and competition.

Stakeholder policy

Relations with consumers, readers and Internet users are generally handled by the Group’s relevant media, whereas relations with shareholders, investors and analysts, staff, customers and other business relations, authorities and media are handled by the Group Management. The Group is of the opinion that having good relations with all of its stakeholders is a prerequisite for its long-term development and value creation. The work performed in relation to the Group’s primary stakeholders is described below:

The role of the stakeholders and their importance to the Group

The Group intends to engage in open, active and constructive dialogue with all external and internal stakeholders and is continually making an effort to ensure compliance with stakeholders’ interests and roles. As a main element of the communications policy, the Group has thus prepared an investor relations policy, which deals with the general relations with the Group’s stakeholders and provides the framework for the Group’s interaction with its stakeholders in compliance with the

Consumers, readers and Internet users

The Group aims to have transparent business processes and a clear definition of responsibilities in relation to consumers, readers and Internet users. The provision of offers and information must be simple, and the dialogue must be clear and professional, just as requests must be responded to promptly and in a clear language.

Shareholders, investors and analysts

The Group aims to pursue an active investor relations policy based on an open and consistent dialogue with its shareholders, investors and analysts so as to provide the stock market with the optimum and most accurate information about the Group to ensure fair group share prices. Meetings with shareholders, investors, financial analysts and other stakeholders are held at regular intervals. The Group arranges several major presentations a year in Denmark, just as the Group communicates frequently with its stakeholders on under Investor Relations. Investor relations are handled by the CEO.


The Group wishes to attract and retain qualified staff in the short term and in the long term. Ensuring knowledge, knowledge sharing and relevant information is key to staff relations. Competitive terms of employment and emphasis on further training also help attract and retain qualified staff. The Group’s staff is regularly informed of the Group’s and its subsidiaries’ activities and strategies. The Group’s intranet forms the main platform for internal information, supplemented by regular information meetings with immediate superiors and the senior management.

Customers and other business partners

The Group makes an effort to be visible within its business areas with a view to retaining and attracting new customers and appearing a reliable co-operator to its suppliers. The Group attaches importance to responding to requests promptly and to adjusting communications with customers and other business partners to the existing ways of co-operating to make the Group appear efficient and professional.

Authorities and media

The Group aims to be open and constructive in interacting with third parties within the framework established by NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen.


The Board of Directors approved the policy on investor relations and communications on 1 November 2017.