Social responsibility

Statutory report on corporate social responsibility

Core values and basic principles

North Media’s business units are managed and driven by strong core values forming the basis of the Company’s policies, rules and business processes. The Group considers corporate social responsibility a natural element of the different business units’ strategies and daily operations.

One of North Media’s basic principles is to demonstrate accountability to society, customers and employees. We also aim to demonstrate fairness and loyalty in any decision we make.

North Media regularly focuses on CSR-related matters as much as it does on its constant efforts to strengthen working processes and products. Being accountable in all respects is an important element of the Group’s values and therefore a key element of great relevance to the Group’s vision, objectives and strategy.

This means that North Media constantly focuses on not just complying with Danish and international rules and conventions, but also on using responsible behaviour to increase its financial, social and environmental performance through regular control, optimisation, operationalisation and reporting.