We are the link between business and consumers

North Media develops and operates platforms for business-consumer transactions.

We make sure that retailers' offers reach consumers' mailboxes, mailboxes or smartphones, and we also house local newspapers across the country. On our platforms, landlords and housing seekers find each other, and we also connect employers and job seekers. In addition, our digital keys provide home care, home suppliers and others with access to locked hallways and private homes.

In short, we match consumers with the right products in groceries, rental housing, jobs and digital access solutions. And in doing so, we deliver customers to our customers.

Common to our companies is also that they handle large volumes uniformly, quickly, safely and at low unit price. We are constantly optimizing companies to make better use of these economies of scale, and with a data- and technology-driven starting point, we are developing new products and activities to strengthen the offer to customers.

Our companies are market leaders – number one or two in their industry – facilitating tens of thousands of transactions every week. Because we have so many contact points, we can advise our customers on how to tailor their activities to reach the audiences where the impact is greatest.

North Media focuses on Denmark, but our companies are also active in Sweden, Norway and Germany. We are in the group 450 employees and approx. 10,000 part-time employees.

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Data, innovation and optimization improves the competitive advantage

Our strategy focuses on being a business-developing partner to our customers – not merely a supplier. This is why we work with a consumer perspective where the unique access we have to consumers is used to collect, analyse and enrich data. In doing so, we can provide even more and more attractive customers to our customers.
Data, digital products and new supply platforms are key driving forces in innovative processes across our activities. Together with continued focus on efficiency and optimisation of our business models, this is the strategic key to improving the competitive advantages of the business segments in the future.

Positive aggressiveness characterises our life

We realise our objectives and business potential by demonstrating ambition, courage, will and assertive-ness. Or as we call it: By positive aggressiveness.
We are working determinedly on introducing new technology and optimising structures so as to be in the lead of the innovation field. It is essential to play a key role to our customers in markets that develop massively and rapidly.
This focus requires sustained investments and effort – and we work with equal shares of sense-of-urgency and patience. North Media has grown into a large, strong and robust company by being in the long haul and by admitting that the best way to learn is often the hard way.

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December 31, 2023