North Media

We provide customers to our customers

North Media is a listed company that provides platforms and channels for business-to-consumer communications. We are in contact with almost every Danish household every week, and we are the link when businesses want to communicate offer, rentals, jobs and bank loans to consumers, just as we also convey digital access for entrance and private doors for distribution companies and home care providers. In short, we deliver customers to our customers. Several of our companies are market leaders in Denmark.

Significant market positions

North Media's businesses are all volume businesses, specialising in handling high volumes - consistently, quickly, securely and at a low unit cost.

FK Distribution Transfer truck

FK Distribution

FK Distribution facilitates offers and information to all Danish consumers. This is done digitally via as well as through the distribution of promotional and local newspapers.

Boligportal app on a smartphone

BoligPortal matches home seekers with landlords of rooms, student flats, apartments, townhouses, villas, etc.

Job search through Ofir jobportal


Ofir posts job vacancies on its own job portal, other job portals and social media.

Access with digital key


Bekey sells electronic access systems based on digital keys, primarily to home care and goods distributors.

Latest company announcements

Annual Report 2021

After a solid fourth quarter, North Media's results were at the upper end of its most recently announced expectations.
Turnover was

DKK 1,034 million

Operating income increased to

DKK 244 million

Recommendation for dividend per share:

5,00 kr.