We provide customers to our customers

North Media is a publicly traded company that provides platforms and channels for communication between business and consumers. We are in contact with almost all Danish households every week, and we are a link when business wants to provide offers, rental housing, jobs and bank loans to consumers, just as we also provide digital access to the doors of distribution companies and home carers. We provide card-set customers to our customers. Several of our companies are market leaders in Denmark.

Significant market positions

North Media's business lines are all volume stores that are specialists in handling large volumes – consistent, fast, secure and at a low unit price.

North Media provides platforms and channels for businesses to communicate with consumers. The Group has three business areas: FK Distribution provides packing and distribution of printed matter, local newspapers, etc. and runs the digital advertising platform minetilbud.dk. North Media Online runs the marketplaces Boligportal.dk, Ofir.dk and Lead Supply for rental housing, jobs and loans, respectively. BEKEY offers access solutions that enable approved distributors, home care workers and others to access stairwells and private homes through a secure digital platform. Several of North Media's businesses hold market-leading positions. North Media has about 450 employees.


FK Distribution

FK Distribution disseminates offers and information to all Danish consumers. This is done digitally via minetilbud.dk as well as through the distribution of promotional and local newspapers.

North Media Online

North Media Online

North Media Online operates digital platforms that market and disseminate rental housing, jobs and loans.



BEKEY sells electronic access systems based on digital keys, primarily for home care services and distributors of goods.

Recent company announcements

    Annual Report 2019

    North Media delivered one of the best results ever.
    Turnover was

    DKK 1,130 million

    Operating earnings rose to

    DKK 160 million

    Dividend per share

    DKK 0,00