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Denmark’s largest portal for rental homes

About BoligPortal

BoligPortal is Denmark’s largest provider of rental properties via the platform

The portal constitutes a universe for tenants as well as professional and private landlords, handling a rental process from start to finish, including administration and offering services from a range of partners. also generates detailed data about the rental home market, which is in demand by banks, real estate investors and developers. Furthermore BoligPortal operates in Sweden.

  • Management: Anders Hyldborg, Managing Director
  • Employees: 70
  • Locations: Aarhus og Stockholm
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~ 652.000

Monthly visitors to the website


Advertised rental properties


Signed leases

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“ operates Denmark’s largest rental portal, and building on our strong marketplace for rental properties, administration tools, services for tenants and deep, databased knowledge about the home rental market, we create value for landlords, tenants and players within real estate. This proven setup can be implemented in other markets, which is already the case in Sweden.” We can use that setup in other markets, which is already the case in Sweden.”

Anders Hyldborg, Managing Director, BoligPortal A/S

Supplier of integrated services

BoligPortal is well on its way to developing into a supplier of integrated services creating value for both landlords, tenants and other players in the rental housing market, and this restructuring ensures BoligPortal new sources of income alongside the marketplace.

Around the marketplace, BoligPortal has built up activities within the collection and sale of market data, administration services for landlords and service offers for tenants – with the aim of creating an even more complete rental housing platform and ensuring more and robust income streams.

In addition, we use data from the marketplace to create new, subscription-based data solutions:

  • approx. 652,000 monthly visitors to the website
  • +121,000 advertised rental properties
  • +27,000 signed leases
  • +29,000 signed moving reports
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  • approx. 156,000 monthly visitors to the website
  • +2.000 signed leases
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Boligmanager is a system comprising everything you need for digital property management.

The system contains an overview of the day’s tasks, automatic rent management, net price index regulation, digital lease contract, dashboard with arrears list, system for dialogue with tenants and much more.

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Tel.: +45 70 20 80 82

BoligPortal A/S
Paludan-Müllers Vej 40 B
DK-8200 Aarhus N