About North Media (EN)

Our basic idea and activities

North Media A/S is the only listed media group in Denmark. Since the establishment of North Media in 1965, its corporate mission has been to communicate advertisements and information to consumers. This is done through:

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FK Distribution

FK Distribution distributes unaddressed printed matter, selected printed matter to NoAds+ households and addressed products as well as free newspapers to households in Denmark.

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North Media Aviser

North Media Aviser A/S issues eight mid-week local newspapers in Copenhagen and six weekend editions together with Søndagsavisen.
In Elsinore, Helsingør Dagblad and Lokalavisen Nordsjælland.

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North Media Online

North Media Online has gathered North Media’s digital activities, consisting today of two main areas: ”Rental property” on BoligPortal.dk and
BostadsPortal.se and ”Job” on Ofir.dk and MatchWork.com.

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BEKEY develops and sells electronic access systems. BEKEY’s NETKEY management module registers, distributes and manages digital keys which give users access to opening and closing doors and so replace the ordinary physical key.

North Media A/S is a financially sound company seeking to add long-term value to its shareholders through profitable expansion of activities resulting in satisfactory ROIC and to pursue an attractive dividend policy. North Media intends to ensure profitability through high sales volumes and considerable market shares for the different segments.