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North Media

We connect businesses and consumers

North Media

Develops and operates platforms and channels for transactions between businesses and consumers.

In short: We provide customers to our customers by:

  • ensuring that retail offers reach consumers’ mailboxes, email inboxes, or tablets
  • distributing local newspapers to households in both Denmark and Sweden
  • ensuring that landlords of rental properties and housing seekers find each other on Denmark’s leading rental housing portal
  • connecting employers and job seekers in Denmark’s widest job universe
  • offering digital keys for locked buildings and private residences for home care and distributors of goods

Our companies are market leaders—number one or two in their industry—facilitating tens of thousands of transactions every week, consistently, quickly, securely, and at a low unit cost because we focus on having the right technology and automating our processes. We are constantly optimising to better utilise economies of scale.

Our businesses generate much and valuable data. We benefit from this data when advising our customers on how to tailor their activities to reach their audiences and achieve the greatest possible impact.

North Media primarily focuses on Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. The group has a total of around 575 employees and 14.800 part-time distributors.

Data, innovation and optimisation

We are more than a supplier to our customers – we are a partner focused on business development. We have unique insights on consumers based on the data that we collect and analyse. We use these insights to provide still more attractive customers to our customers.
To maintain our competitive edge, we constantly strive to implement innovative platforms and to maintain focus on efficiency and optimisation of our businesses.

Positive aggressiveness is our driving force

To achieve our goals and potential, we show ambition, courage, will and action or positive aggressiveness, as we have formulated it in our values.
This requires us to invest and deliver. We work with equal parts speed and patience. North Media has grown into a strong and robust company by being in it for the long haul.