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Leading provider of secure digital keys.

About Bekey

Bekey supplies and services digital access systems for locked apartment buildings and private homes in Denmark and Norway.

Access is controlled by a cloud-based system that assigns encrypted digital keys to approved users, allowing them to open doors via an app on their mobile phones. The primary customer segments are home care, distributors of items such as groceries and meal kits, as well as property managers.

  • Management: Christian Hesselaa, Managing Director
  • Employess: 30
  • Location: Søborg, Denmark
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The number of installed digital locking units in Denmark and Norway in 2023

+16.9 mio.

Door openings in 2022, of which approximately 1/3 were to locked apartment buildings and 2/3 to private homes


Direct agreements with Danish and Norwegian municipalities

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“Bekey’s unique, digital key solutions are used by home care in many Danish and Norwegian municipalities. Many property managers also see great advantages in the digital keys. With a strongly increasing number of deliveries of packages and meal boxes to private homes, the distribution market holds significant growth potential.”

Christian Hesselaa, Managing Director, Bekey A/S

Bekey's software and access devices consist of:

  • Netkey: Cloud-based key management system
  • Bekey Mobile App: Assigns/revokes digital key access to users and via Bluetooth operates digital locking devices
  • SmartRelay: Chip in the door phone in locked entrances
  • SmartLock: Unit at the door in private homes
  • SmartKeyBox: Keybox that is opened using a mobile phone.


Tel.: +45 43 43 99 90

Bekey A/S
Gladsaxe Møllevej 28
2860 Søborg