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Svensk Direktreklam

Sweden’s largest distributor of paper leaflets and local newspapers

Every week +2.2 million households receive paper leaflets and +1.9 million receive local newspapers

About Svensk Direktreklam

Svensk Direktreklam connects the retail business and the consumers by distributing paper leaflets and local newspapers throughout Sweden via its own distribution network and through franchisees.

Svensk Direktreklam has 45 years of experience in advertising distribution and is involved in the entire value chain for household-distributed printed materials, i.e., from the development of goals and printed materials, through printing and distribution—which is the core business—to effectiveness measurement.
Svensk Direkreklam’s primary customer segments are retail, e-commerce businesses and local newspapers.
  • Management: Henrik Olsson, Managing Director
  • Medarbejdere: 175 Employees and 4800 distributors
  • Locations: +30
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+ 2.2 mio.

Households receive paper leaflets every week

~ 60%

From read promotional leaflets leading to purchase

+ 1,9 mio.

Households receive all local weekly newspapers.

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“We consider the paper leaflet as the customer’s showcase and one of the most important tools in the dialogue with the consumer. The value and effectiveness of the leaflet is proven, and with our range of services throughout the value chain, we are an important partner for customers in achieving the desired effect on their marketing efforts.”

Henrik Olsson, Managing Director Svensk Direktreklam AB


Tel.: +46 18 17 21 00

SDR Svensk Direktreklam AB
Fyrisborgsgatan 2
SE-751 45 Uppsala