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"Bekey's unique digital key solution is today used by Danish and Norwegian municipalities as well as by distribution and grocery companies and property managers in Denmark. The potential for our solution is significant and we have a focused strategy to realise this. "

Christian Hesselaa, CEO Bekey A/S

About Bekey
Bekey supplies and services digital access systems for locked entrance doors in apartment buildings and private homes in Denmark and Norway. Access is controlled by a cloud-based system that assigns encrypted digital keys to authorised users, allowing them to open the doors via an app on their mobile phones. Digital keys cannot be duplicated, providing secure access and users avoid unnecessary trips to locked properties. All activity is logged.
Bekey's software and access devices consist of:
  • Netkey: cloud-based key management system.
  • Bekey Mobile App: assign/freeze digital key access to users and operate digital locking devices via Bluetooth
  • SmartRelay: a chip in the door phone in locked hallways
  • SmartLock: a device at the door in private homes
  • SmartKeyBox: key box opened by mobile phone


Bekey i 2023:
  • + 75,000 installed digital locking devices in Denmark and Norway
  • + 16.9 million door openings. Of these, approx. 33% were accesses to locked hallways and approx. 67% were accesses to private homes
  • Home Care DK is the largest customer segment (82% of revenue)


The solution is also used by estate agents, property managers, grocery and meal box distributors and other suppliers in the fast-growing home delivery market.
Overview Bekey
Management: Christian Hesselaa, CEO
Employees: approx. 30 employees
Location: Søborg
Business area - Bekey


Bekey A/S

Gladsaxe Møllevej 28

2860 Søborg

Business Registration No 27 50 79 80

+45 43 43 99 90

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