"BoligPortal operates Denmark's largest rental portal. Building on its strong marketplace for rental properties BoligPortal is becoming a broader-based company that creates value for landlords, tenants and other players in the rental market. With new SaaS products and services, we are addressing new markets with great commercial potential."

Anders Hyldborg, CEO BoligPortal A/S

About BoligPortal
BoligPortal operates the portals Boligportal.dk in Denmark and Bostadsportal.se in Sweden. Boligportal.dk is the largest provider of rental accommodation - apartments, rooms, houses, townhouses and student accommodation from both professional and private landlords - and the main meeting point for landlords and rental property seekers in Denmark.
Landlords can advertise their properties easily and efficiently on a recognised marketplace, and tenants can search for a new home with confidence because all landlords and properties are validated.


Boligportal.dk in 2023:
  • approx. 652,000 monthly visitors to the website
  • +121,000 advertised rental properties
  • +27,000 signed leases
  • +29,000 signed relocation reports


Bostadsportal.se in 2023:
  • approx. 156,000 monthly visitors to the website
  • +2.000 signed leases


Around the marketplace BoligPortal built up activities in market data collection and sales, management services for landlords and services for tenants - with the aim of creating an even more complete rental platform and ensuring more and robust revenue streams.
We also use data from the marketplace to create new subscription-based data solutions:
  • For developers, real estate companies and managers, banks, contractors and investors, we provide unique market data for supply and demand down to individual streets. Data from the marketplace is linked to public registers and displayed virtually in real time.
  • For small and medium-sized landlords, we have solutions to manage individual properties or portfolios. Solutions include advertising, market data and administration.
  • For tenants, we offer to take care of the most critical things when moving in, such as electricity, insurance and broadband. Services are provided by reputable providers who pay a fee to BoligPortal.
BoligPortal is well on its way to becoming a provider of integrated services that create value for landlords, tenants and other players in the rental market, and this transformation ensures BoligPortal new sources of income alongside the marketplace.
Overview BoligPortal
Management: Anders Hyldborg, CEO
Employees: Approx. 50 employees
Location: Aarhus



BoligPortal A/S

Paludan-Müllers Road 40 B

8200 Aarhus N

Business Registration No 26 72 25 35

+45 70 20 80 82

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