"Ofir is constantly exploring new ways to create the greatest impact for our customers. This has been the case since 1996, when we launched the first job portal in Denmark."

Lucas Carstensen Castenborg, CEO Ofir A/S

About Ofir
Ofir provides job postings to job seekers on Ofir.dk and other job portals, social media, and Ofir's own candidate database with more than 400,000 candidates. With its broad job universe, Ofir can better target job campaigns so that a vacancy is exposed to the entire relevant target group. This increases the chances of the employer receiving the right applications.
Ofir's job universe is aimed both at active jobseekers visiting job portals and at the much larger group of passive jobseekers who are in jobs and are not actively looking for new challenges, but may be tempted if the right job emerges.
Ofir's job portal has more than 850,000 visitors every month. In 2023, we facilitated more than 293,000 job postings from private and public employers.
Ofir is Denmark's second largest private job portal, but the leader in innovation. We were the first to advertise jobs online in Denmark and were also the first to use social media in job advertising to ensure that jobs appear where Danes spend most time - on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. In 2021, we partnered with Google Jobs.
Innovation remains central. With a strong, data-driven foundation, we are working to develop new products so employers can attract even better candidates in a way that both parties perceive as simple and user-friendly. Better use of technology is a key part of this effort.




Overview Ofir
Management: Lucas Carstensen Castenborg, CEO
Employees: approx. 30 employees
Location: Søborg


Ofir A/S

Gladsaxe Møllevej 28

2860 Søborg

Business Registration No 19 42 99 03

+45 39 57 78 66

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