The Group and NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen

North Media A/S was the first Danish media Group to be
listed on the then Copenhagen Stock Exchange. This took
place in May 1996.

Share capital

The Company’s share capital is DKK 100,275,000 distributed on 20,055,000 shares of DKK 5.00 nominal.


The Board of Directors is authorised to increase the share
capital once or several times by up to DKK 25 million.

Increases may take place by way of cash contributions or
otherwise. Increases may take place without any preemptive
right for the Company’s existing shareholders if
the increase is effected at market price, or as consideration
for the Company’s acquisition of an existing business, or
specified assets at a price equivalent to the value of the
shares issued. Other than in the cases described in the
previous sentence, the shareholders have a pre-emptive
right to subscribe for new shares on a proportionate basis.
The authorisation is given for a period up to 9 March 2017.

Treasury shares

TThe Board of Directors is authorised to allow North Media
A/S to acquire treasury shares up to an aggregate amount
of 15% of the share capital in accordance with applicable
law provided that the acquisition is made at the market
price in force at the time of purchase with a variance of
plus or minus 5%. The authorisation has been granted for a
five-year period ending on 26 March 2020.

The Company’s holding of treasury shares at 31 December
2016 was 1,485,000 shares (2015: 1,485,000 shares), or
7.40% of the share capital.


The register of shareholders holding at least 5% of the
share capital, which the Company keeps in accordance with
the Danish Companies Act, includes the following shareholders:

Olav W. Hansen A/S
Holmboes Alle 1
8700 Horsens
including related parties owning 2,334,869 shares, equivalent
to an equity interest of 11.64 %.

Baunegård ApS
Fredensborg Kongevej 49
2980 Kokkedal

The principal shareholder is Richard Bunck, founder of the
Company, who through a wholly-owned and controlled
holding company, Baunegård ApS, holds 56.39% of the
share capital.

Baunegård ApS prepares consolidated financial statements
including North Media A/S.

The Board of Directors' and the Executive Board's share holding at 31 December 2016:
Board of Directors shares
Richard Bunck
(incl. Baunegård ApS)
Peter Rasztar 0
Steen Gede 1,170
Ulrik Holsted-Sandgreen 0
Total 11,310,002
Executive Board shares
Kåre Stausø Wigh 30,000
Mads Dahl Andersen 16,418
Gorm Wesing Flyvholm 0
Henrik Løvig Jensen 0
Søren Jacob Frederik Holmblad 3,486
Total 49,904


At year-end 2016, the Company’s Board of Directors and Executive Board, excluding Richard Bunck, controlled 51,074 shares, or 0.25% of the share capital.

Share price

At 31 December 2016, the market capitalisation of the
Company’s shares was DKK 264.7 million.

Contact with investors

North Media A/S has an open and uniform dialogue with investors and analysts so as to provide the stock market with optimum and adequate information about the Company.

Meetings with shareholders, investors, financial analysts and other stakeholders are held at regular intervals.

Contakt North Media regarding Investor Relations