Investor Relations in North Media

Based on stock exchange rules for companies listed on NASDAQ Copenhagen, North Media wishes to practice transparency about its activities and dispositions. Business procedures have been established to ensure that all material information is promptly and fully disclosed in company announcements, which are available in both Danish and English on the company's website The Group publishes annual and half-yearly reports and quarterly information.

The aim of the investor relations policy is to disseminate knowledge about North Media’s activities and generate considerable interest in the group shares, to ensure that all players in the market are treated equally, and in particular to ensure that value added to the Group is reflected in current prices.

North Media endeavours to conduct an active Investor relations policywith an open and consistent dialogue with shareholders, investors and analysts, so that the stock market can obtain the best possible and most accurate information about the Group and thus provide a fair valuation of the company's shares. Meetings are held regularly with shareholders, investors, financial analysts and other interested parties. The person responsible for IR is Kåre Wigh, CFO.

Read the IR policy here.