History of North Media

North Media was set up in 1965 in a Copenhagen basement with the vision of becoming a leading player in the media market by creating access and disseminating information between retailers and consumers. Today, more than 50 years later, this is still the pivot of North Media’s activities and strategies: To provide customers for our customers whether their product, service or stop is physical or digital in nature. We are doing this so well and efficiently that we are among the leading companies in Denmark in all of our fields.

  • At the Annual General Meeting held in April 2018, Mads Dahl Andersen is elected to the Board of Directors and takes the seat as Chairman. Richard Bunck, the founder of North Media, steps down as Chairman and becomes Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors.


  • On 1 January 2017, North Media Aviser acquired five local newspapers in the capital and yet another at the end of 2017.
  • PostNord announces that, effective from 1 January 2018, they would change their production model, leading to a heavy inflow of customers for FK Distribution.
  • North Media Online’s Job unit launches the branding module Brandero and its Lejebolig unit launches The Digital Contract.
  • North Media Online sells håndværker.dk A/S to Imentor A/S.


  • 25% of Danish households have opted to sign up for NoAds+ (658,000).
  • Some editions of Søndagsavisen and the equity interest in Vestsjællandske Distriksblade are divested.
  • North Media Aviser sharpens its strategic focus on Copenhagen and acquires five local newspapers in Copenhagen.
  • North Media Online invests in Lix Technologies ApS and Lead Supply ApS.
  • 50% of all stairway doors in Copenhagen and 25% of Danish municipalities use BEKEY.


  • North Media A/S celebrates its 50th anniversary on 2 April.
  • North Media introduces a new business segment structure: FK Distribution A/S, North Media Aviser A/S, North Media Online A/S and BEKEY A/S.
  • NoAds+ rounds 550,000 signed-up households. 2.3 million letter boxes are visited every week.
  • Byggestart.dk changes its name to håndværker.dk.


  • NoAds+ rounds 300,000 signed-up households.
  • The BEKEY system is now also used in Sweden and Norway.
  • minetilbud.dk achieves digital breakthrough with more than 900,000 app downloads.


  • North Media acquires eight local newspapers in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg.
  • FK launches NejTak + that allows each household to choose which advertising advertisements they want.
  • BoligPortal launches its ”self-sale” concept.


  • North Media acquires Byggestart and Henttilbud to arrange building projects online.
  • MinReklame.dk is integrated with FK Distribution A/S.
  • Ofir develops its job universe which relies on the market’s largest network of media for exposing vacancies.


  • FK produces the best results ever seen since the establishment of the company.
  • North Media sells of the remaining 33.3% of the shares in Gratistidningar i Sverige AB.
  • Søndagsavisen.dk and minreklame.dk are combined to gain more benefits from having more than 500,000 unique users who visit these websites and use the services offered.


  • At the Annual General Meeting held on 23 April 2010 it was resolved to change the company’s existing legal structure to the effect that the name of the Group is changed from Søndagsavisen a-s to North Media A/S.
  • In the new structure, the Parent becomes holding company for the Group’s operating companies, except some administrative corporate functions. The actual activities are hived off into separate subsidiaries.
  • FK’s efficiency projects lead to substantial cost savings.
  • Bostadsportal.se is launched as a sister portal to Boligportal.dk.
  • BEKEY further develops and matures a key system intended to facilitate distributors’ access to locked stairways.


  • Søndagsavisen is closing down four editions in Jutland as a direct consequence of a massive fall in the advertisement markets. This step reduces Søndagsavisen’s circulation from approximately 2.1 million to approximately 1.4 million copies.


  • Søndagsavisen.dk is launched in October.
  • Norsk Avisdrift AS is sold effective from 23 October, and Gratistidningar i Sverige AB is sold effective from 30 November.
  • Forbruger-Kontakt enters into a two-year distribution agreement with both Dansk Supermarked and Coop.


  • OFiR and Søndagsavisen launch their job strategy for the recruitment market under the headline ‘We do the job together’. The goal is to create Denmark’s largest marketplace for advertising vacancies.
  • The market for national retail trade advertising is not developing as expected, and consequently Søndagsavisen’s circulation is reduced. The newspaper is now published in 2.2 million copies distributed on 15 regional editions.
  • To strengthen the development of the synergies between newspaper and internet, the Executive Board is extended by an executive officer responsible for this area, designated as the Group’s Media Online activities.


  • Søndagsavisen A/S increases its interest in Helsingør Dagblad to 57%.
  • Søndagsavisen A/S enters the housing market with the launch of Plushandel, www.plushandel.dk, owned 50% by Søndagsavisen A/S.
  • The total circulation of Søndagsavisen is increased by 400,000 copies per week to a total of 2.5 million copies.


  • Søndagsavisen is re-launched and its total circulation is increased by 600,000 copies per week to a total of more than 2.1 million copies.
  • Søndagsavisen A/S achieves record revenue and profit for the year.


  • OFiR acquires the remaining shares of MatchWork Worldwide A/S (MatchWork) and MatchWork becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group. The MatchWork staff move to the OFiR offices in Gladsaxe.
  • S-Post expands distribution in Nyköping/Oxelösund, Sweden.


  • Søndagsavisen A/S establishes a joint distribution company with Den sydvestjydske Venstrepresse A/S.
  • Søndagsavisen A/S sells NorPost AS, Norway, and the Group’s activities in Norway now solely comprise newspaper and distribution activities in Trondheim.
  • OFiR A/S acquires the controlling interest in MatchWork World Wide A/S.
  • Gratistidningar i Stockholm AB acquires the local newspaper Smé-Journalen and extends its newspaper and distribution area to include Södra Mälaren south of Stockholm.
  • Gratistidningar i Stockholm AB changes its name to Gratistidningar i Sverige AB.


  • Søndagsavisen A/S and Berlingske Lokalaviser A/S establish a joint venture, Dansk Distributions Center A/S, which is to handle the distribution in Copenhagen.
  • Alfo Distribution A/S, wholly-owned by Søndagsavisen A/S, takes over Reklameservice Randers A/S.
  • Søndagsavisen A/S enters into an agreement with H.A. Grafisk Reklame A/S about establishing a joint distribution company.
  • Søndagsavisen A/S enters into an agreement with A/S Svendborg Avis about establishing a joint distribution company.
  • Søndagsavisen A/S takes over the activities in DTD København A/S.
  • Norsk Avisdrift AS discontinues the publishing in Oslo, Norway.
  • NorPost AS increases its interest in NorPost Trondheim AS to 100%.
  • The publishing in Stockholm increases to cover Greater Stockholm with a total circulation of more than 930,000 copies.
  • The publishing companies in Stockholm merge into one company, Lokaltidningen Mitt i Stockholm AB.


  • Söndagsavisen issued in four regions of Skåne in South Sweden with a circulation of 264,000 copies.
  • Søndagsavisen a-s increases its interest in NorPost AS to 100%.
  • Søndagsavisen a-s increases its interest in Norsk Avisdrift AS to 100%.
  • The publishing of Söndagsavisen in Skåne and Stockholm is discontinued.


  • Søndagsavisen a-s’ online activities are hived off into a separate subsidiary: OFiR.com A/S.
  • OFiR sets up sales offices and goes online in Sweden, Germany and France.


  • Collaboration with Århus Stiftstidende on free newspapers and distribution.
  • Søndagsavisen a-s increases its interest in NorPost AS to 54.95%.
  • Søndagsavisen a-s acquires all shares in Søndagsavisen International AB.


  • Buying all of the shares in KompassNål AB (S-Post AB) in South Sweden.
  • Buying 35% of the shares in NorPost AS, Norway, which is the co-owner of NorPost Trondheim AS.


  • Buying 52.19% of the shares in Norsk Avisdrift AS.
  • Avisen is issued in Stockholm with a circulation of 790,000 copies.


  • Søndagsavisen A/S is admitted for listing on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange.
  • Introduction on the Internet.
  • Publication in Esbjerg in collaboration with Esbjerg Ugeavis A/S.
  • Søndagsavisen International AB established in collaboration with Tidnings AB, Marieberg, Sweden.


  • Søndagsavisen is published in Jutland – circulation exceeds 1.3 million copies.


  • Søndagsavisen is published on Funen.


  • Søndagsavisen and Forbruger-Kontakt become divisions of Søndagsavisen A/S.
  • Collaboration with A/S Vestsjællandske Distriktsblade on free newspapers.


Søndagsavisen covers all households in Greater Copenhagen.


Publication of the first edition of the free newspaper Søndagsavisen.


Forbruger-Kontakt covers all major urban areas in Denmark.


Richard Bunck sets up Forbruger-Kontakt.