Bekey in partnership with

Published Tuesday 22 June, 2021

Bekey and the online supermarket are rolling out a solution, making it possible for residents in secured multi-storey buildings to have groceries delivered directly to their doorstep, even if they are not at home.

In a secured multi-storey building, where Bekey has a chip fitted in the entry phone,’s driver will be assigned an encrypted key via a digital platform, so the driver can use his smartphone to let himself into the building to deliver the goods. In this way, customers can enjoy flexible deliveries from, as they are not required to be at home to receive their goods and drivers avoid unsuccessful deliveries.

“Our goal is to give our partners the key to the city and make everyday life much more streamlined and convenient for both businesses and their customers. As one of the most innovative companies in the grocery industry, it is hardly surprising that, is the first mover in the next generation of logistics and access technology,” says Jannik Bray Christensen, CEO of Bekey.

The partnership began in Greater Copenhagen, where Bekey’s digital key solution currently provides encrypted access to 26,000 secured stairwells with more than 200,000 flats in Greater Copenhagen, Hørsholm, Birkerød, Værløse, Farum, Lynge and Roskilde. The idea is to extend the partnership to the rest of the country for the benefit of and their customers as well as other companies that want to be able to make convenient and secure deliveries directly to end users.

The partnership with – which was mentioned in North Media’s annual report in March – is the most extensive initiative so far in the new customer segment ‘Stairwells’, where Bekey serves suppliers of groceries, meal services, post, parcels, etc. as well as property managers, property companies and residents. Moreover, in its established ‘Homecare’ customer segment, Becky provides secure access for homecare services to visit people requiring care in their own homes in 29 Danish and 44 Norwegian municipalities.

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