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Employee Assistance Scheme

Information and application
North Media’s Board of Directors has decided to establish an Employee Assistance Scheme with the stated purpose of supporting current and former employees of the North Media Group with a special need for financial assistance.

Target group and criteria for application
The target group for eligibility is current and former employees of North Media A/S and its subsidiaries with at least 10 years of seniority in the group who meet one of the criteria below:

  • The employee or close relative* of the employee is in serious financial difficulties which cannot be overcome by the employee or his/her household within the next few years and who, by receiving financial assistance, would be able to restore, in whole or in part, a generally fair standard of living, prevent a serious loss of living or bring about a lasting improvement in the living conditions of himself/herself and of his/her family.
  • The employee or the employee’s close relatives* need financial support for diagnosis, medical or therapeutic treatment – including rehabilitation for alcohol or other abuse – rehabilitation, recreational stays or (re)acquisition of medicines, aids, invalid car or similar, as well as remodelling of home etc. as a result of disability.
  • By receiving financial support, the employee or the employee’s close relatives* are given the opportunity to complete a course of study in Denmark or abroad that would otherwise be impossible or unreasonably difficult for them to complete due to their own or their family’s financial circumstances.

*Close relatives are defined as own children, spouse, cohabitant where the relationship is of a permanent nature and has lasted for a minimum of 10 years and bonus children where the employee’s marriage/cohabitation with the child’s parent is of a permanent nature and has lasted for a minimum of 10 years and similar surviving close relatives of deceased employees.

Application, assessment and possible allocation of funds
All current and former employees who meet the above criteria are eligible to apply. The application can be sent either electronically via this link or handed in on paper to one of the members of the Committee.

By submitting/delivering the application, you also give permission for the committee to read and process your personal data. The committee is subject to confidentiality in relation to the applications received.

Applications are received on an ongoing basis, while the assessment of possible disbursement is normally carried out four times a year.

The amount itself depends both on an individual assessment of the specific situation and on the employee’s seniority within the Group.

  • Applicants with at least 10 years’ seniority can be awarded a maximum of DKK 150,000 per calendar year.
  • Applicants with at least 15 years’ seniority can be awarded a maximum of DKK 200,000 per calendar year.
  • Applicants with at least 20 years’ seniority can be awarded a maximum of DKK 250,000 per calendar year.
  • Applicants with at least 25 years’ seniority can be awarded a maximum of DKK 300,000 per calendar year.

Please note that distributions to current employees of North Media will be reported to SKAT as A-income and the net amount paid out. For all other applicants, distributions will be reported as B-income.

Once your application has been processed, you will be contacted directly.

How do I apply?
f you want to apply for the scheme or want to encourage or help a former colleague to apply, please use the application form. Click here.

Fill in the form with all the requested information. You can then choose to upload it to the electronic system or hand it to a member of the committee who will take care of the upload.

The Committee reserves the right to contact you for further information or documentation.

The committee is composed once a year by the board of directors of North Media A/S – this takes place immediately after the annual general meeting.

Committee members include:
Ole Borch – Chairman
Pia Stjernlund, Member (North Media)
Rikke Gadegaard, member (FK)
Martin Østergaard, Member (Ofir)
Malou Lassen, member (BoligPortal)