The energy label is trending on BoligPortal

Published Tuesday 08 November, 2022

Partnerships attract attention – the energy label is trending on BoligPortal
Every year, BoligPortal matches over 100,000 flats, rooms, terraced and detached houses as well as student residences with tenants, and the portal itself has over 700,000 visitors a month. This provides thorough insight into the needs of users, and BoligPortal has also developed a number of add-on activities for the marketplace to collect and sell market data, management services for landlords and service offerings for tenants.

The service offerings are currently in energy and insurance and are provided in collaboration with external partners. The turnover from tenant services grew quite nicely during the first nine months of the year and the figure is above the same period last year.

“Revenue from tenant services is very healthy this year and, combined with advertising revenue, it’s our main source of growth,” says Anders Hyldborg, CEO of BoligPortal A/S.

CEO Anders Hyldborg, BoligPortal


Tenants are searching for energy solutions
Energy ratings are of particular interest at the moment. In the past, no one minded very much, but with energy prices skyrocketing, the energy label is attracting more than the usual attention. Recently, many more would-be tenants are looking to rent properties with energy-saving solutions, using keywords such as ‘LED bulbs’, ‘energy’ and ‘heat sources’ in their searches.

“The provision of energy labels is after all mandatory, but in our experience, a large proportion of rental properties don’t actually have the correct energy label. The simple reason is that many people forget to update the energy status of their homes,” says Hyldborg.

Misleading energy labels are a source of concern to most tenants and landlords, as neither will know with any level of certainty whether the estimated monthly Direct Debits for electricity and heating correspond to current consumption, and all the while, energy prices are soaring.

Automatic notification of energy labels
BoligPortal is able to provide information on energy labels via its own and other available data, making it available to users automatically, both home seekers and landlords, at the time and place they need it. Collaborating with new partner Domutech since August this year, BoligPortal notifies users of energy labels and provides energy reports.

“A good energy label has become a parameter of choice for many home seekers, because it makes it possible for you to spend less on heating and electricity. It therefore helps you to economise, which tends to be important especially for young people and other less well-off groups of society. And it’s the right thing to do,” Hyldborg emphasises.