Google launches new tool for jobseekers in Denmark

Published Monday 26 April, 2021

A new feature from Google will make it easier for jobseekers in Denmark to find relevant job postings.

This week, jobseekers in Denmark can benefit from a new feature from Google to find relevant job ads. The US tech giant is teaming up with a number of Danish job portals to give companies and jobseekers an extra tool to find each other in Google’s search engine. So far, the job portals are Ofir, Jobdanmark, Graduateland and Move on Career. The latter established sites such as, and

The feature is called ‘Google for Jobs’ and works in the same way as searching for a specific product on Google. Just as you will see relevant results from online shops when you search for a product, you will see relevant job listings at the top of the search results when you search for a job in Google’s search engine. The job listings themselves will remain with the individual job portal, but Google’s advanced algorithms will make it easier for jobseekers to find relevant jobs across different portals.

According to Google, more job listings will be added on an ongoing basis, as all job portals are free to add themselves to the system. “With this new tool, we hope to make the job search as simple as possible for jobseekers in Denmark. This is an ambition we share with all our partners. The four strong partners provide a very wide range of opportunities, so both recent graduates and people with extensive work experience will find it easier to find relevant job opportunities in the future,” says Christine Sørensen, political director of Google in Denmark, in a press release.

Great for jobseekers
Karsten Vikke, CEO of Ofir, welcomes the collaboration with Google, which he believes will increase the traffic to Ofir’s job ads. “We’d like to help democratise the job market, and we believe that Google is the right partner to do that with,” says Vikke, emphasising that Google’s superiority in search optimisation will first and foremost benefit all job seekers: “For us, the objective has always been to make it easy for jobseekers to find their next job. It is therefore a natural next step for us to partner with the new job search engine, so our customers’ listings are easily accessible to the many Danish jobseekers who start their search on Google.”

For companies, the new feature means that it will be easier to find the active seekers, because – according to Vikke – it is on Google that most people start looking for a new job.

The article is published by Børsen. Read the original article in Danish here.