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North Media has appointed Lasse Gubbertsen as new Director of minetilbud, one of the largest online platforms in Denmark with more than 500,000 monthly users. The plan is to develop and scale up minetilbud further, he explains.

Lasse Gubbertsen (39), who has a background with IT services company Netcompany, where he was in charge of the roll-out of, and before that as Head of Digital at Dagrofa and Head of Finance at Coop, has been appointed new Director of minetilbud.

minetilbud was launched in 2002 under the name of Min Reklame. Today, is home to the digital versions of the advertising leaflets distributed to Danish consumers’ mailboxes every week by FK Distribution – and to many other digital advertising leaflets and product feeds from web shops.

Lasse Gubbertsen, who joined minetilbud on 1 February, says that his job is to enable minetilbud to realise its large potential:

“Thanks to excellent skills and hard work, minetilbud has grown steadily in the past years. More and more businesses are using minetilbud to advertise offers and products, and more and more users are searching for attractive offers on the platform. We therefore believe that minetilbud now has the strength to operate more independently and the capacity to offer customers more products and services.

With more than 500,000 monthly users who search for offers and get inspired, minetilbud has a strong foundation for further growth.

According to Lasse Gubbertsen, the fact that visitors already have a high readiness to buy makes minetilbud both a very strong platform and a strong medium:

“Having so many users who actively use the platform to search for offers for the products they want is a unique situation. minetilbud will help them, both to find the best offers and to get inspiration for things they haven’t thought of themselves, and it will make it easier for users to go from considering an offer to making an actual purchase.”

minetilbud recently acquired Aviou, a platform offering e-traders a space to create, manage and optimise inspiring e-commerce activities. Lasse Gubbertsen explains that the platform is a key component in developing minetilbud:

“Aviou will enable us to develop new and improved services and products for minetilbud’s existing customers and to attract new users to minetilbud.”

Lasse Gubbertsen mentions that going international is also part of the journey for minetilbud.

“We want to develop minetilbud as a scalable platform and business concept, so looking beyond Denmark as well is an obvious possibility. We have no specific plans as yet, but we will explore the potential of launching minetilbud in new markets as a natural part of our ambitions for a bigger and stronger minetilbud,” he says.

About Lasse Gubbertsen

Holds an HD graduate diploma in organisation and strategic development

Previous positions: Manager at Netcompany, Head of Digital at Dagrofa, Head of Finance at Coop, Department Manager at FK Distribution.

Lives in Bagsværd with his partner and his 7-year-old son.

About minetilbud is a platform for everybody searching for attractive offers online. At, you can read advertising leaflets and catalogues online, search for offers among thousands of products, monitor offers and create shopping lists. has 500,000+ users every month and is owned by North Media A/S, which also owns FK Distribution, Svensk Direktreklam, Boligportal, Bekey and