North Media upgraded to the Mid Cap index

Published Monday 20 December, 2021

Effective from 1 January 2022, North Media will move to the Nasdaq Copenhagen Mid Cap segment, which consists of mid-sized companies with a DKK 1.1bn to DKK 7.5bn market cap, and North Media shares will become a component of the OMX Copenhagen Mid Cap index.

The move from the Small Cap to the Mid Cap index comes after North Media’s market capitalisation has steadily remained above EUR 150m (equal to about DKK 1.1bn).

Although the company’s share price has moved slightly lower in recent trading, North Media’s market capitalisation has still more than doubled over the past two years, from DKK 892m at end 2019 to currently more than DKK 2bn. During that same period, the number of registered shareholders has grown from 1,565 at end 2019 to more than 4,000, and trading in the shares has increased as well.

“We’re pleased, but humble about the fact that more investors have taken an interest in our shares. The upgrade to becoming a Mid Cap company is a pat on the back and gives us added motivation to continue the efforts to make our shares attractive and liquid by continually developing our Last Mile and Digital Services business activities,” said North Media’s Group Executive Director & CFO, Kåre Wigh.

Nasdaq Copenhagen’s announcement about the new index compositions is available here