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The Danish job portal Ofir is getting a new CEO. The new man at the helm is 26-year-old Lucas Carstensen Castenborg who has served as the company’s CFO till now. He will be tasked with making Ofir the preferred digital job portal in a job market where competition for the best candidates is at an all-time high.

Denmark’s second-largest job portal Ofir, which is part of the listed company North Media, is getting a new CEO. The candidate selected is 26-year-old Lucas Carstensen Castenborg who swaps the title of CFO with CEO.

Ofir is currently one of the favourite job portals of the business community. Castenborg will be tasked with building on this foundation. The goal is to make Ofir the preferred recruitment partner. This will take a more dynamic and digital approach to recruitment, which will become increasingly important for companies in the coming years, as resource shortages and the struggle for qualified labour are expected to become even greater challenges.

“Ofir has a solid foundation. As Denmark’s oldest job portal, we’ve got more than 25 years of experience in helping companies and candidates find the right match. We’ve acquired a unique insight into the Danish labour market which we must utilise to become an even stronger ally for companies seeking to secure the right candidates,” says Castenborg and he continues:

“More than ever, the Danish labour market is in need of highly skilled employees. The battle for qualified labour has never been greater, and we’re faced with a future where that’ll only intensify. It’s therefore incredibly important that companies choose the right recruitment partner – and that partner must be Ofir. Meeting the future needs of the labour market will require change, and we must ensure that Ofir is the preferred platform for both companies and candidates looking for the best match. I’m really looking forward to driving this process of change together with all my colleagues at Ofir.”

CEO Lucas Carstensen Castenborg, Ofir


Despite his youth, Castenborg has already achieved a meteoric career. A career that saw him becoming the CFO and Head of Insurance of Samlino and the CFO of fintech company Shopbox before taking up the position as VP of Finance at RevaGroup, one of Europe’s largest property rental portals.


Combination of experience and an entrepreneurial mindset
Castenborg takes over as CEO from Karsten Vikke who has decided to seek new challenges elsewhere after seven successful years with Ofir. If you ask Lasse Ingemann Brodt, chairman of the board at Ofir, Castenborg is the ideal candidate to lead Ofir into the future:

“It’s been crucial to find the right successor to take Ofir forward. We’re currently in a strong position, but the market is evolving very quickly. We must always keep abreast of what our customers want from us. This means that we must keep developing our platform and understand our customers’ needs. Lucas has the unique combination of experience and an entrepreneurial mindset to drive that development,” says Brodt and he continues:

“Despite his youth, Lucas has the perfect professional background for this task. Lucas has successfully contributed to scaling companies, and he’s also been on the management team of several companies that are digital natives. These are precisely the skills we’ll utilise when Ofir will be creating solutions for the labour market of the future.”