Meet the members of the Executive Board

The Executive Board of North Media consists of five Executive Officers: Kåre Stausø Wigh, who is Group Executive Director & CFO, and four Chief Executive Officers in charge of their own segment and referring directly to a separate board of directors.

Together with the Board of Directors, the Executive Board are the Chief Operating Decision Makers (CODM) of North Media focusing on and being responsible for the Group’s four segments. The Executive Board is also in charge of cross-disciplinary product and business development and for joint HR guidelines and values.

  • Kåre Stausø Wigh
    Kåre Stausø Wigh
    Group Executive Director & CFO of North Media A/S
  • Lasse Ingemann Brodt
    Lasse Ingemann Brodt
    Executive Officer | of FK Distribution A/S
  • Steen Gede
    Steen Gede
    CEO | North Media Newspapers A/S
  • Henrik Løvig Jensen
    Henrik Løvig Jensen
    Executive Officer | in North Media Online A/S
  • Jannik Bray Christensen
    Jannik Bray Christensen
    Executive Officer | of BEKEY A/S

Meet the members of the Board of Directors

Members of North Media’s Board of Directors are elected by the Annual General Meeting for a term of one year at a time. The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management of the Company, for safeguarding that the Company is managed properly and consistently with the Articles of Association and applicable laws, and for laying down North Media’s overarching objectives, strategies, policies, etc.

The Board of Directors of North Media is composed of four members and has formed with Mads Dahl Møberg Andersen as chairman and Richard Bunck, the company's main shareholder, as Vice-president.

  • Mads Dahl Møberg Andersen
    Mads Dahl Møberg Andersen
  • Richard Bunck
    Richard Bunck
    Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Peter Rasztar
    Peter Rasztar
  • Ulrik Holsted-Sandgreen
    Ulrik Holsted-Sandgreen

Audit committee

North Media’s Board of Directors has set up an audit committee to supervise financial reporting, among other procedures. The primary tasks of the Audit Committee are to monitor and check the financial information of external financial reports or other material financial reports on behalf of the Board of Directors as well as to ensure compliance with applicable law, standards and other requirements applicable to financial reporting.

Read more about the Audit Committee in the terms of reference for the Audit Committee here