Worrying analysis: Majority of teachers considering leaving the profession

Published fredag den 16. oktober, 2020

As Denmark’s leading job board for teaching jobs, with access to both teachers and their employers, Ofir decided to carry out an annual survey looking at teachers’ job hunting.

The aim of the research is to see what private employers and local authorities can do to attract and retain teaching staff – especially at a time of record-low unemployment in the profession.

The analysis is based on responses from a total of 1,447 teachers. There are some worrying findings, which Ofir encourages employers to take very seriously if Denmark is to continue to maintain or improve educational standards.

It is very clear that teachers are experiencing working conditions that are challenging enough for the majority to be considering exiting the profession altogether.

Ofir concludes from its analysis that employers face a major task in improving working conditions with current staffing levels. At the same time, there is a real responsibility for politicians to ensure that all schools have the necessary staff numbers.

The 1,447 responses to the survey are from a relevant and representative cross-section of teachers in Denmark, both in work and looking for work. To help collect the responses, the questionnaire was shared through a Facebook group of which more than 50,000 teachers are members.

Read the full analysis in Danish here.